What is SPF?

Let chat about SPF and what it really is.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and I think we should all know this because this is a product we should be using daily. SPF 30 - is my personal preference as it is the 'in between' factor. SPF 30 for example means that that sunblock will protect your skin 30 times more from harmful rays than if you were wearing no sunblock at all. For us ladies, we should be applying sunblock before we apply our makeup daily. SPF doesn't just need to be applied in the Summer but rather during all seasons of the year.

UVA and UVB.. Whats the difference?

UVA rays damage the skin's thickest layer. UVB rays will usually burn the top layers of your skin. It's important to find a sunblock brand and factor that you feel comfortable wearing, which will protect you from UVA and UVB rays!

Let's be honest- none of us want skin cancer so lets prevent it! Here are a few ways to prevent sun damage:

This is typically mid day. Instead keep yourself busy by making yourself some lunch and find yourself a shady spot to lie under.

Keep yourself hydrated and make sure you are eating food full of antioxidants. This helps fight the damaging rays and will prevent you from feeling ill after being in the sun.

Always wear a hat and sunglasses when spending time in the sun. If you know you are going to be out in the sun for some time, bring a cover-up. By this I mean a real coverup like a top with sleeves that cover your skin.

Apply sunblock before you go in the sun and then apply it often once you are in the sun. It won't do any harm applying it continuously!


I recently started using Derm-A-Gel's AHA Sunblock. The factor I use SPF30. This sunblock smells incredible and feels lovely on my skin. I pump some onto the palm of my hand and just press it lightly into my skin until its been absorbed properly.

You can purchase this Sunblock from Beautiful You in PE.

* I highly recommend this product!



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