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Hello lovely friends,

I have been super busy this year and I have practically been MIA as I haven't posted many blog posts this year. With much thought, I have started a new series of posts. This category will be in support of local businesses before image. By this I mean, I want to start supporting all the locally made products before buying these big brands/ international brands.

This has been on my heart for some time because not many people realize what beautiful clothing, beauty products, food products and handmade products are actually made here in our lovely country. So why not support these wonderful companies and build a name for them!

This is the first blog post for this series of blog posts. I received these two beautiful bags from Becca Blair before I left for Mauritius in July. These two handbags were so useful and trendy!

Becca Blair Handbags are Designed, manufactured in Durban, South Africa, and are available in Leather and Non-Leather. Their handbags are perfect for every individual. Start your collection today.

Below are some images that my sister took of me with my handbags in Mauritius.


  • Paup Bag

  • The Lori

Let's support this lovely company and make it a favourite!

** This is not a sponsored post.



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