I finally found it!

You are probably thinking , what has she found?

It's actually pretty funny because I love trying out skincare products and giving a review and most of the time they work for me but they always have a property that I don't necessary like. For instance it leaves my face glowing but then my face has an oily feeling which im not a fan of.

I recently started using the Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute range. Obviously I was excited and my first impression of the products were great! Normally I mix and match products in my skin routine, but i must be honest and tell you that i follow through with all of these products except for cleansing on a daily basis.

The three products are:

1.) 48hr Moisture SOS rescue mask

2.) 48hr Moisture Serum

3.) 48hr Moisturising Cream

I feel so rejuvenated after using these products and leaves my skin with the best glow everrrr!

I use the mask once a week and actually have a few 'no-make up days' thanks to these products.

I know a lot of you have asked me about these products so here it is!

If you have a dry to normal skin or even if your skin is slightly sensitive..give these products a go.

They have worked for me and im so happy to have found these products and to share them with you!



*This post is not sponsored.

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