How to make cocktails with local Gin.

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I spent the weekend away in Knysna and put together some Gin Cocktail recipes, that i would definitely recommend you make!

1. Wilderer Gin

Master Distiller Helmut Wilderer, the father of South African craft spirits, personally hand selected 27 indigenous botanicals of which many belong to the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom. Flowers, berries, barks, peels, roots, stems and leaves ranging from rose petals to Renosterbos all come together in harmony.

Recipe for Cocktail 1: Wilderer Gin

  • double tot of Wilderer Gin

  • 200ml of Tonic Water

  • Squeezed juice from 2 thin slices of Orange

  • Cinnamon stick

  • Thyme sprigs

  • Slices of Orange

  • Ice

  • Production Process:

Fresh ingredients and flowers are hand-picked from the estate’s gardens, while specialized Fynbos species and other herbs are sustainably harvested and include: the famous Buchu Betulina, which has been used as a traditional South African medicine for hundreds of years and provides a distinctive herbal aroma and taste. Wild Dagga's active ingredient: leonurine has been proven to improve myocardial function and is also used as a recreational remedy for high blood pressure and stress. Honeybush provides further depth and complex flavour to this full-bodied gin.

  • Tasting notes:

Exceptionally smooth to the palate, all 27 botanicals are harmoniously combined in harmony to create a deep and complex herbaceous structure. Juniper, along with key ingredients such as Buchu, Wild Dagga and Honey bush, create a unique taste, that can be described as walking through the Fynbos fields of the Western Cape.

2. Inverroche Gin- Amber

Their distillery is right in the middle of the world’s smallest, most diverse and richest floral kingdom. It is also along this coastline that several archaeological discoveries indicate that man has been living there for millennia and was always sustained by the flora from which they now make their gins.

Recipe for cocktail 2: Inverroche Amber

  • Double tot of Inverroche Gin

  • Pomegranate pips

  • 200ml of Tonic Water

  • Ice

  • Chopped up mint leaves

The founder of Inverroche, Lorna Scott has a passion for the environment and through her work in sustainable development for local government and local communities Lorna discovered the untold story of an extraordinary biome in jeopardy and the story of their common heritage.

The Fynbos selected for vapour infusion in the Gin Amber are from the coastal regions, which are aromatic and spicy. The spirit also undergoes a secondary infusion (with this coastal Fynbos) before bottling.

Triple Three Gin:

Inspired by the heritage of devoted craftsmanship, these masterfully distilled products reflect the essence of taste. Proudly produced using a state of the art copper column-pot still located at the historic Blaauwklippen Wine Estate, home of innovation for over 333 Years. Triple Three Gin delivers perfectly balanced flavours that make a perfect start for a world-class drink.

Their Gin's are becoming a high demand from UK and Europe at the moment and they are going to launch in Europe this year, as their South African gin's are regarded as of superb quality.

3. Citrus Infusion

Experience fresh and crisp citrus aromas with a smooth, silky finish. This zesty gin was enriched with hand-picked, farm grown citrus fruit.

Recipe for cocktail 3: Triple Three Citrus Infusion Gin

  • Double tot of Triple Three Citrus Infusion Gin

  • 200ml of Tonic Water

  • Ice

  • Slices of grapefruit

  • Basil leaves

4. Triple Three Gin: African Botanicals

Experience opulent herbal aromas with a lingering,smooth finish.This unique gin was created from the perfect blend of seven botanicals including the flora of the Western Cape.

Recipe for cocktail 4: Triple Three African Botanicals Gin

  • Double tot of Triple Three African Botanicals Gin

  • Slices of a fresh fig

  • 200ml of Tonic water

  • Ice

  • Thyme Sprigs

5.Triple Three Gin: 100% Juniper Berry

Experience the smooth, pure taste of this carefully balanced spirit inspired by the earliest recorded gin recipes, made from 100% juniper berries.

Recipe for cocktail 5: Triple Three 100% Juniper Berry Gin

  • Double tot of Triple Three African Botanicals Gin

  • 200ml of Tonic Water

  • Ice

  • Raspberries

  • Bluberries

  • Mint

I hope that you get creative, the next time you make a G&T ;)

Much Love

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