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It feels like its been ages since I've sat down with a cuppa tea and written in my digital journal. I must just apologise for MIA lately and not keeping you up to date with whats been happening. The past three months have been rather challenging as I have been faced with quite a few adjustments.

Firstly, my dream has become a reality! I have just launched my own online Graphic Design Business! Courtney Creative is an online platform that provides a range of design services which you are able to order and customise. Courtney Creative is first of its kind and its there to make your life a bit more bearable. You can order any design needs you have - should it be Logo design to Wedding Stationery - we have you covered! You can order your design needs at any time of day - even after work hours AND you can be anywhere in the world! How cool? This online Platform has an online shop as well, where you can to order ready made products such as Gift Cards and Macrame plant hangers!

Secondly, Emil received an incredible job as a flight instructor at a flight school just outside Stellenbosch. Within 5 days of receiving the news that he gotten the job, he had already moved up. It happened so quickly, which was better for us in a way. This was a big adjustment for us as a couple, because we spent nearly everyday together and now we only see each other once a month. Its made us appreciate each other so much and our faith has grown even stronger. Long distance really is a challenge but its definitely doable and so worth it, especially when you love one another so much! I am so incredibly proud of Emil and all the long hours he has put into his flying career. Seeing him grow as a pilot since we started dating has really inspired me! Im a very proud girlfriend!

Lastly, I just GRADUATED! Eeeeeeek - its the best feeling knowing that my studies are complete! Im so happy to finally be done and to move onto this exciting new chapter lying ahead. In the past 3 years I have learnt to be patient, persistent and to keep on going even when the challenge feels like its getting tougher! The tears, deadlines and all nighters were definitely worth it in the long run!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog posts, supporting me and my career and for always motivating me! I look forward to all the blog posts that lie ahead!



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